let's fly, b1a4
this is a side blog dedicated to the stupid amazing, derpy, adorkable, and hardworking B1A4.
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happy third anniversary, b1a4! you’ve grown so much since debut and i’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. thank you for always giving me happiness and joy and thank you for being the humble, wonderful people you are. jung jinyoung, shin dongwoo, lee junghwan, cha sunwoo and gong chanshik, our five beautiful, shining stars. let’s fly forever! ♥


three years w B1A4 - korean mvs


Happy #3YearsWithB1A4♥

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badeul in a nutshell

what typically happens in the dorm: cnu strips down

Anonymous asked:
I'm new to this blog and I really love it ❤❤❤❤

Aww thank you very much~ that’s always nice to hear :D

Hope you have a nice day!!

Anonymous asked:
One of the links for the admins doesn't work:0

Fixed!! Thanks for letting us know ^^

gongchan’s ‘nipples’.

a normal day in sandeul’s life. chapter ∞