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Jinyoung’s first impression of Sandeul

Quiz to Change the World - Sandeul’s Condition Conversation [TRANS]


I posted this on my Twitter and I’m also posting it here for people to see as well.
So the people that the idols were talking to with this segment included a family doctor and, the one who Sandeul talks to, is a doctor of parasitology and since many people seemed to be worried, I decided to quickly translate this. Really, the doctor knew with one glance that Sandeul might have had a parasite, he didn’t actually know until Sandeul said so himself.
Hopefully this may clear up some misunderstandings? But this came from the show itself.

Sandeul: There are many parasites in peoples’ bodies. Do you know how many parasites are in your body, in all of it?
Doctor: My body doesn’t have any. Besides for about 1.5 million people (in our country), the rest don’t have any parasites. There aren’t many right now, but Sandeul-ssi should get a checkup later
Misun: Why? Why?
Doctor: His face is a bit…
Sandeul: I have a parasite
Misun: Really?
Sandeul: There’s a parasite in my lungs. In the pocket…
Doctor: It seems like pulmonary distomiasis. A hole forms in the pocket of the lungs [T/N: I’m pretty sure those aren’t Sandeul’s ex-rays, they just showed an example ex-ray of what it could possibly look like]
Sandeul: There’s a slight one
Doctor: Have you eaten freshwater crabs?
Sandeul: Ah, yes, yes. I ate a lot
Doctor: The parasite is a bit more harmful than other ones because it can affect your brain. Are you receiving treatment right now?
Sandeul: I’m receiving it
Misun: You’re receiving it? Right now?
Sandeul: I keep going
Doctor: You should go quickly, this broadcast isn’t important right now
Sandeul: I’m taking medication right now

B1A4 ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’


B1A4 - SOLO DAY (Full ver.)

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